Eileen Knight

Eileen Knight – McFarland LCDC

Substance Abuse, Relationship Issues, Family Conflict, Self Esteem.
Works with: Adolescents, Adults

Back when my children were young, my family went from being in turmoil, to being in recovery. We have successfully continued to live that lifestyle for over 35 years. As a child, a wife and a parent of an alcoholic, and addict, I have experienced the many challenges of addiction, and the complicated ways it haunts one’s life. I remember thinking the tumultuous and painful times of these experiences often seemed insurmountable.

Today, I use my personal experiences and my education to assist families who struggle with the difficulties that come with addiction. I believe that no family is beyond change and that with guidance and support, hopelessness and fear, can become trust and honesty. Most recently, my career has awarded me the opportunity to work with adolescents who struggle with the new society we live in today. My biggest reward is when a young person can gain the confidence to let go of his/her high-risk behaviors, and the family can return to a place of joy and peace.

I have been a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor for over 25 years. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Houston, and my Masters Degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling from California Southern University. My many years in the field has offered me a wealth of experience in all aspects of addiction and recovery and continues to drive a passion in me, from deep within. In my free time, I am blessed to have a beautiful family consisting of many grandkids whom I spend as much time as possible with. In addition to those family events, my husband and I take any chance we can to travel and explore the world.