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Are You Worried About Your Teens Mental Health?

Perhaps you are you seeing signs of erratic, risky behavior or bad choices? Often parents are unsure of how to best help in these situations. 

The teen years are tough on the entire family, and if issues start to arise, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and even hopeless. At Malaty Therapy, we are actively committed to helping teens, young adults, and families cope with life’s challenges. Helping clients learn healthier ways of relating to themselves, each other, and the world is at the core of every session.

Transitioning to teenage years and young adulthood can be challenging. Contending with physical and emotional changes along with peer pressures, insecurities and academic challenges is extremely stressful.

We understand that the world is a very diverse place and that what is right for one person may not be right for the next. That’s why we work with you to fully address your situation and base treatment on you and your teens specific challenges and needs. Then, together we devise a therapy plan that is highly focused on personal mental health and life goals.

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Is Your Teen Suffering From Mental Health Issues?

Having been dubbed “the teen whisperer” Tammer Malaty takes a relationship based approach to teenage therapy that builds trust and a feeling of safety. Whether your teen needs to work through a trauma, get help for anxiety, depression, substance abuse or an eating disorder, teen mental health counseling services at Malaty Therapy can help.

  • Has your teen experienced a recent trauma or loss?
  • Is your teen showing signs of depression?
  • Are you concerned your teen may have an abuse problem or an eating disorder?
  • Is your teen showing signs of extreme stress or anxiety?
  • Do you see your teen having trouble maintaining relationships?
  • Does your teen display low confidence and self-esteem?

If you’re concerned your teen is struggling with mental health issues or new life challenges, our adolescent mental health counseling services can help you and your teen make sense of what’s happening and prevent more serious problems from developing.

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Our Mental Health Counseling Services Can Help You Cope With These Issues & More

Malaty Therapy Counseling For Teens

Teen Trauma Treatment

Trauma can come from many sources, from natural disasters to abuse. We will help you come to terms with your trauma and learn to heal and move forward.

At Malaty Therapy our teen trauma treatment helps teens to learn how to process traumatic events and realize they are not alone. Using a variety of therapy options such as EMDR we can help your teen talk through their trauma without having to relive all the pain.

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Teen Depression Treatment

Depression can strike at any time. It is far more than simple sadness, and it can be devastating. We will help you learn to manage your symptoms while working through the issues that may be contributing to your depression.

Depression is a unique and complicated challenge for teenagers. Teens experience several changes in a short period of time and their lives often feel out of control. It can be difficult to talk about depression for anyone. At Malaty Therapy we understand that it can be especially difficult for teens.

Our teen depression therapy options ensure that teens and young adults feel safe and comfortable while sharing their feelings. We help your teen take steps to build on the agency of accomplishing small things each day. Doing a little more each day enables them to start moving out of depression and to feeling better again.

Reach out if you or your teen is in need of mental health counseling for depression. One session can make a big difference.

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Teen Anxiety Treatment

Everyone feels nervous now and then, but more severe anxiety can be life-limiting. Anxiety and depression often (though not always) go hand in hand. We teach teens and families how to manage anxiety while focusing on the factors that may be contributing to it.

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Compulsive Behavior Counseling For Teens

Uncontrollable compulsive behaviors can tear families apart and wreak havoc on those who are struggling with these disorders. Together, we will face the issues that led to these habitual habits and work on alternative coping strategies for managing the stresses of daily life. If other issues such as depression and anxiety are also present, we will help you work through these difficult complexities and get on a path to recovery and living your best life.

Mental Health Counseling For Teenage Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are all too common among teens and young adults, especially women. We understand the science behind eating disorders, and we will help you work through the underlying issues that led to a dysfunctional relationship with food.

Family Therapy Services

When teens and young adults run into trouble, the entire family is affected. Likewise, unresolved issues within the family can increase the risk for mental health conditions. During family therapy, we will sit down with the entire family to openly discuss these issues and find healthier ways of relating.

At Malaty Therapy, we take special care to be sure your teen feels safe and comfortable talking about their mental health issues or any trauma that is affecting them. Our teen and family Mental Health Counseling sessions are solution oriented and to the point. We are here to help.

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Therapy Can Help Your Teen:

  • Overcome traumatic events and learn to deal with loss
  • Manage stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Recover from compulsive and eating disorders
  • Build confidence and self esteem

We’re Here For You And Your Family!

We have exceptional therapists to help teens and their families through overwhelming times in their lives. Be it behaviors and choices that are creating hardships or difficulties coping with life’s challenges. Mental Health Counseling can help with unsettling emotions like anger and fear, and it can help build self esteem and long-term life coping skills.

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Take The Next Step And Get Your Teen The Counseling They Need

Call Malaty Therapy At 713-628-3966 to learn more about teen mental health counseling or to schedule your first appointment. One session really can make a big difference.

Couples That Need Mental Health Counseling Services Can Get Help At Malaty Therapy