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We offer a variety of Therapy, Group counseling,  Support Groups, and Workshops in Houston. Texas. Helping you learn and grow within an experiential setting fosters real self-actualization and deep personal growth. Together we share concerns, hopes, fears and life challenges with those who struggle with the same issues, in a safe, supportive space. We all want to learn new and better ways to deal with personal feelings and relationships but sometimes we get just get stuck, or don’t know the best way to go about it. There’s lot’s of insightful Ah-Ha Moments to be had. Interactive learning through workshops and group support opens the mind to new possibilities. It also gives us hope, and the motivation to change for the better. Isn’t this what we want for ourselves and our families? Your new journey starts with the decisions you make today. Decisions matter. Sign-up, take action and join us today for more information about support groups and group counseling workshops in Houston, Texas.

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Malaty Therapy Womens Group Kingwood Texas

New Women’s Group, Kingwood

Enduring Life Transitions

When is it? Starts January 12th, 2021, Tuesday Nights 7-8PM

Group Leader: Rachel Abraman, MA, LPC

Cost: $60. Per Session

The purpose of group sessions are to: Celebrate, Empower, Discuss, Learn, Share and Safely Explore the Struggles of Life Transitioning Moments of Growth, Enduring Anxiety and Depression

Start out the year taking care of you with this amazing women’s support group in our Kingwood Therapy practice office. Make yourself a priority this year with the support of those who may be experiencing similar life transitions and struggles. We are going to be better together!

For more information call us 713 628-3966 

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Get 2-3 Months of Individual Therapy
All In One Weekend!

Event Postponed Due To Corona Virus  Restrictions.

To Be Rescheduled Soon. Thank you for your understanding.

Mom’s With Sons 2-Day Intensive Workshop
When: April 25th and 26th
Time: 9am to 2pm
Cost: $850
Being a mom with a teenage son is super tough because you know what it’s like to be an
adolescent girl, but you have NO idea what it’s like to be an adolescent young man! Both young women and young men go through a period of individuation from parents as they attempt to establish independence. However, the experience young women have versus the experience of young men are vastly different. Moms seem to struggle understanding what exactly is going on with their young man and how to communicate with them during this time.

In this intensive workshop, moms will get 2-3 months of individual therapy with me crammed into 2 days! You will leave the weekend having accomplished these objectives:
-Establish personalized boundaries in your home, allowing your young man to establish
independence while still in your home.
-Learn about teenage brain development and how that manifests in your son’s behavior.
-Learn how to communicate so that you and your young man both feel heard and understood.
-How to cope with resistance and conflict when they arise.
-Empower yourself as the parent to firmly, but lovingly help your young man get ready to leave the house!

Lunch is provided on both days. There are only 8 spots available! Call today for more
information and to register! Sign up by April 1st for 10% off!

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