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Counseling For Teenage Depression

It can be hard to decide when to seek help for depression treatment services in Houston, Texas. After all, it is normal to feel stress sometimes, when we face difficult life events or a family crisis. Teenagers experience special challenges, because their lives are changing so rapidly, and they do not always have much control over those changes. However, when painful and unwanted thoughts or actions regularly cause problems in our lives, it can indicate the presence of a mental health issue. 

Treating depression begins with identifying its cause. Some medical conditions have depression as a side effect. In other instances, depression might be related to difficulties at home or school, or the end of a romantic relationship. Sometimes, there may be no obvious reason for your depression, but the symptoms still have a negative impact on your life. 

Whatever the underlying cause, Malaty Therapy can help provide a pathway out of depression.

depression treatment in Houston
Depression Treatment Services In Houston Texas Malaty Therapy

Talk Therapy Treatment

Psychotherapy is a treatment for depression that involves talking with a trained therapist. Usually in a therapy session, your therapist will ask you to talk about depression and related topics, in order to pinpoint what is causing your depression, and to find solutions that can help alleviate some of the underlying causes and symptoms.

What Is Accomplished During Psychotherapy?

Identify the Causes of Your Depression

Depression is often related to events or situations in your life. Although it can seem to ‘come out of nowhere,’ in many cases you can work with a therapist to determine what circumstances make your depression worse, and how best to cope with those situations when they arise.

Make Changes That Have Lasting Benefits

Learn how to identify and change unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. Find ways to cope with problems, set realistic goals for change, and learn how to manage a crisis or current stressors that may be contributing to your symptoms.

Improve Your Life

Through talk therapy, many people are able to regain feelings of happiness, and a sense of control over their lives. The tools learned in therapy can help ease symptoms of depression, including hopelessness and anger.

Depression Help Tailored To You

Individual Therapy 

In an individual therapy session, you will meet alone with your therapist to talk about problems and try to come up with solutions. You might be given ‘homework’ to work on in-between therapy sessions. Everything said in a therapy session is confidential, unless your therapist decides that you are at risk of harming yourself or others.

Group Therapy

In group therapy, you might share a session with other teenagers. You will be able to discuss your story and ask questions, while hearing how other teens deal with similar issues.

Family Therapy

Sometimes it can be helpful to sit down with your whole family, and talk about problems that impact everyone. Since your whole family is there in a family therapy session, your therapist can help guide a productive conversation, where everyone is contributing to the dialogue without being overridden or interrupted. 

In an Emergency Situation  

If you are severely depressed, or at risk of self harm or suicide, hospitalization or outpatient treatment may be needed until your symptoms improve. These programs can provide around the clock monitoring and support, to help someone when they are severely depressed. 

If you need immediate help, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach them at 800-273-8255 .

Depression Treatment Services In Houston Texas | Malaty Therapy
Group Therapy for Depression
Depression Therapy for Young Adults

Does therapy for depression work for teens and young adults?

Teenagers face different challenges than adults, and regular counseling with a trusted therapist can help to make sense of the rapid changes in life that can lead to stress, depression, and anxiety. Therapy can be a very effective tool for teens and young adults, to begin to understand their depression and create actionable solutions that work. Regular mental therapy sessions can give you the tools that you need to understand what you are feeling, and how to effectively manage those feelings to be happier and healthier. 

One important thing to remember is that your therapist cannot solve your problems for you. They will make suggestions and help guide your journey, but it is up to you to make the positive changes and put in the work to improve your mental health. 

Therapy is an empowering experience that can make a real difference in your life. Reach out today, and begin to work towards a brighter future. 

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