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Dealing With Trauma Or PTSD In Teens

When a teenager or young adult in the family is suffering after a traumatic event, it may be difficult for them to process alone. Oftentimes, parents may also be dealing with the aftermath of a crisis, yet it is up to them to take that first step in getting a teen or young adult the counseling help they need. If your loved one is in need of assistance after experiencing trauma, EMDR therapy is one option you may consider.

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Teen Trauma Services in Houston
Teen Trauma Therapy in Houston, Tx

What is EMDR Therapy?

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, and it is a technique designed to reduce stress caused from psychological events. During an EMDR therapy session, a therapist guides their patient through traumatic experiences in small batches, taking each moment one at a time and redirecting the patient’s eye movements. By diverting attention to other areas or objects, traumatic events become easier to process.

Who Can Benefit From EMDR Trauma Therapy?

In addition to helping those who have suffered a crisis, EMDR therapy can also help patients with PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, when agonizing events are recalled. EMDR can help your loved one speak more easily about a traumatic experience without reliving painful memories. It may also help alleviate other side effects of trauma, such as anxiety and depression.

EMDR Treatment Options

There are a variety of options for EMDR therapy, and it may include more than just eye movements. Oftentimes, stimulation may also include additional movement, such as tapping or hand gestures. EMDR may not be enough by itself, and therapists may also work with your loved one on other coping mechanisms like meditation or deep, methodical breathing. EMDR is a tried and true method for helping teens and young adults address traumatic experiences in their lives by diverting attention away from triggering memories in a natural, healthy way.

Take The Next Step For Your Mental Health

If your teen or young adult is in need of mental health counseling and therapy after a traumatic event, call Malaty Therapy at 713-628-3966 to learn more or schedule your first appointment. One session really can make a big difference.

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We have many exceptional therapists to help get you through anything that is overwhelming you. Be it behaviors and choices that are creating hardships or difficulties coping with life’s challenges. Therapy can help with unsettling emotions like sadness, anger and fear, and it can help build self esteem and long-term life coping skills.

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