Malaty Therapy Houston therapist

Monica, LPC-A – Therapist in Houston

Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, ADHD, Suicidal Ideation

Works with: 4+

Sometimes it’s difficult admitting we need help. Maybe we don’t want to face the
reality of why we behave the way we do, who we’ve become, or we wish to avoid
processing traumatic experiences that haunt us. In the midst of the hopelessness,
I’m here to tell you, it can get better. Therapy gives us the chance to feel a sense of
freedom by having control over negative thoughts, emotions, actions, and desires.

As a therapist who has struggled with her own demons, but remained steadfast in
her healing process, it’s possible to overcome our hardships. As humans we long for
empathy and encouragement to stay strong when things go awry. As you take this
new path in your life, that is what I hope to give you. I’d like you to think of me as
your advocate, guiding you to recovery and stability no matter how tumultuous your
journey has previously been.

My passion to become a therapist wasn’t a life-long dream. I had hoped to establish
myself in the medical field. Along the way, I discovered I had a passion greater than
medicine: to provide people with a second chance to better their lives. So, I stopped
pursuing medicine and in 2018, I graduated with a Masters from William James
College formerly known as Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.

My training extends from children to adults who have experienced severe and
generational trauma, anxiety, depression and more. For the past 7 years, I have held
several mental health clinical roles in Massachusetts and Texas. These include
leading child play-therapy groups and individual therapy sessions, curating
curriculums for school-based counseling and for Syrian refugee women who were
looking to effectively assimilate to America using trauma relief. I have also had the
pleasure of giving psychoeducational talks to parents, helping them identify and
manage their children’s symptomatic behaviors at home, school, etc.

Through this healing process, I hope to offer you a chance to accept who you are
regardless of your experiences, to teach you self-love and acceptance, and allow you
to re-write your own story with all the wonderful things the future holds.