Picture of therapist Channing Jones

Channing Jones, MA LPC – Therapist in Houston

Anxiety, Self-Harm, Depression, Eating Disorders
Works with: Adolescents, Adults

Hi there, I’m Channing! Are you looking for a personalized touch to therapy? A therapist with experience, expertise, but doesn’t feel “stuffy” or unrelatable? Then I’m here for you! I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor primarily serving adolescents and young adults who struggle with anxiety and depression; impulsive behaviors including suicidal and self-injurious behaviors; eating disorders; negative body image; history of trauma; relationship distress; work stress; and life transitions.

I am passionate about helping my clients to transform negative embodied beliefs that have kept them feeling stuck. So many of us are suffering because we are unconsciously holding on to limiting beliefs and maladaptive coping behaviors that have helped us to survive in the past, but are no longer serving us in the present. We fear our own shadow and conceal parts of us that we have been taught not to like — the parts that make us human. This causes our actions to be driven by fear, doubt, and shame rather than freedom, confidence, and love.

You have the power to be the person who takes up space confidently, honor your needs, and live from a place of freedom and unconditional love. If you are ready for change, I am here to help. Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with me to discuss your goals and how I may support you.