Child Asked To Talk To A Therapist

What To Do When Your Child Wants A Therapist – 3 Issues To Know

What to do When Your Child Wants to Talk to a Therapist? Here's…
November 3, 2021/by Diana Diorio
How Parents Can Help Their Teens With COVID-Caused Anxiety

How Parents Can Help Their Teens Deal With COVID-Caused Anxiety

Parents and teens can work together to prepare for the school…
August 17, 2021/by Diana Diorio
Malaty Therapy can help with student stress and anxiety

School Stress – 6 Hot Tips To Help You Deal With The Anxiety

How to Deal with School Stress
Many students want to know how…
May 20, 2021/by Diana Diorio
Compulsive Disorders Malaty Therapy

5 Things You Should Know About Compulsive Disorders And COVID-19 

Compulsive disorders involve uncontrollable behaviors that…
May 15, 2020/by Diana Diorio
Managing Emotional Distress

Emotional Distress Mindfulness – Hit the Pause Button 

The past month has been strange to say the very least. The normal…
May 14, 2020/by Malaty Therapy
Distant Couple On Couch During COVID19

Couple’s COVID-19 Triage. Lessons From A Couple’s Counselor, Part One

We don’t need experts to tell us that post-COVID-19 reality…
May 7, 2020/by Malaty Therapy

What I Learned About The Importance of Family Time From Watching Disney+

This quarantine is rough, y’all. I know you already know that.…
April 29, 2020/by Malaty Therapy

To the Young Folks

I'm not a poet and I pretty much hate rhyming, but this poured…
July 27, 2019/by Allie Haydon

Parents: The Power of Asking Rather Than Telling

I came across this post and it perfectly summed up an idea…
May 31, 2019/by Allie Haydon

Gaining Respect From Your Teen

When parents lack the respect of their teen it is palpable.…
March 8, 2019/by Allie Haydon

The Struggle is Real

I hope my daughter knows struggle.

I hope she knows what defeat…
November 27, 2018/by Allie Haydon

How to be a “Teen Whisperer”

I received such a nice call from a parent this morning calling…
August 30, 2018/by Allie Haydon