Young Adult Therapist Near You: A Guide to Mental Health Support

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Finding an Expert Young Adult Therapist Near You In Houston

Are you a young adult and experiencing some challenges during this season of life? Are you feeling pressure at school or at work? Are the relationships in your family or social network changing and leaving you feeling overwhelmed or isolated? Are you feeling new emotions that you haven’t felt before, such as hopelessness or extreme frustration? Do you feel like you may be experiencing episodes of heightened anxiety or depression? If you are experiencing any of the above, then therapy may be the right, next step for you! In fact, finding a young adult therapist near you and beginning the therapeutic journey of self discovery is the most loving thing that you can do for yourself.

Understanding the Unique Mental Health Challenges of Young Adults

Young adulthood is a time of many adjustment challenges. After leaving behind the life you lived as a child, you are now gaining new responsibilities and maybe experiencing things that are new to you, such as college or the workforce. Maybe you are living on your own, away from your familial household for the first time? Whatever your challenges may be, young adulthood can be an overwhelming time that can often leave you feeling frustrated, hopeless, lonely, and more. From a clinical lens, while there are instances where mental health issues can begin to surface in the child and adolescent years, the majority of definitive diagnoses are not even given until young adulthood, due to the development stages of the brain. Therefore, young adulthood is where we see the biggest peaks in anxiety and depressive related disorders, personality disorders, and other mood and behavioral disorders. However, you do not have to have a definitive disorder in order to benefit from a young adult therapist. In fact, in order to be diagnosed with a specific mental health-related disorder, a certain number of symptoms (depending on the specific disorder) must be met at the same time. That being said, you can still experience several mental health-related symptoms that may not necessarily qualify you for a disordered diagnosis, yet may still significantly alter or change the current state of your physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing. Symptoms that are most common amongst the young adult community include anxiety, social withdrawal, increased reliance on unhealthy coping mechanisms (i.e alcohol), fatigue, hopelessness, restlessness, changes in appetite, and erratic shifts in moods and behaviors. However, something that sets the young adult period apart from the other developmental stages over the course of the human lifespan is the significant amount of transitions. As you enter young adulthood, you are essentially leaving childhood behind. You have spent about eighteen years in the same familial routine of waking up, going to school, participating in after-school activities, socializing with friends, all while under your caretaker’s roof. When young adulthood begins, things start to change. Some begin to attend universities or trade schools while others jump right into the workforce. Some individuals stay at home for a little while, but others may move out on their own or into university dorms. Whatever your specific transitional phase looks like, in young adulthood, you begin to develop new responsibilities and a new sense of autonomy that is separate from that which you experienced in adolescence. You are embarking on new journeys separate from your family of origin and you are starting to make decisions for yourself and for your future. While this is an extremely special and empowering phase, it can also come with a lot of confusion, uncertainty, and overwhelming feelings.

Qualities to Seek in a Young Adult Therapist

When you have made the courageous decision to seek therapeutic guidance and treatment during this phase of your life, it is important to know how to find the therapist that best aligns with your needs. When searching for or speaking to your new potential therapist, you want to find a professional who speaks from a place of empathy. No matter the age of your potential therapist, they have all experienced the transitional challenges of young adulthood! You want to make sure that you find someone who is empathetic to your current state of being and while they may not understand exactly what it feels like to be you at this current point in time, they are able to sit with you and recognize how difficult this time is for you. Similarly, you want to find a therapist who consistently works with the young adult demographic. Society is constantly changing and progressing and sometimes, therapists that are not in the current stage of young adulthood can be a bit out of touch of what young adulthood presently looks like in today’s society. Most therapists will list what their specialties and most served populations are on their professional profile, so we advise you to lean into this and make sure that “young adults” are clearly emphasized. Additionally, while viewing their professional profiles or bios, you want to make sure that they also specialize in the issues that you are presently struggling with. Whether that is stress management, career and vocational counseling, relationship issues, or the development of self esteem, you want to make sure that you are selecting a therapist who can best help you with your current struggles, as no two human struggles are the same. Above all, you should focus on finding a young adult therapist who has the utmost cultural competency and has experience with working with individuals from all cultural, demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds and identities. In therapy, you should be seen and validated exactly as you are and the best way to do so is by fostering a relationship with a therapist who knows how to best work with you.

The Benefits of Choosing a Local Young Adult Therapist

In today’s society, we live in an extremely advanced, technological world. While you can open any therapy app and find a young adult therapist at the click of a button, we encourage you to find a local therapist near you. While we understand that virtual therapy is sometimes the best option for your demanding schedule and level of comfortability, we still encourage you to find a therapist that is local to your area. Different demographic areas present different challenges and external factors that can impact your current mental health struggles, especially in a large metropolitan city such as Houston. Finding a therapist that understands the day-to-day demands and stressors of your local community can serve you a greater sense of understanding than a therapist who lives in a different area than you. Additionally, finding a local therapist can also open the door for future in-person sessions. While some individuals are instantly seeking in-person therapy, there are several young adults who want to opt for virtual therapy. While individuals can benefit from therapy, no matter the platform, having the option available for in-person therapy is something that we want you to have, even if you aren’t necessarily ready or able to at the start of your therapeutic journey. The best part is most local young adult therapists have both in-person AND virtual options, so your needs can still be met! Additionally, by finding a local therapist, they can help connect you to support groups and resources that are local to your area and can best serve you alongside therapy. These can include peer support groups for specific struggles (there are several peer groups for young adults and young adults only!), financial assistance programs, vocational training/guidance programs, and more. These resources in combination with the therapeutic process can set you up for further success in alignment with your therapeutic goals.

Researching and Selecting a Young Adult Therapist Nearby

Finding a local young adult therapist who can be the best fit for your needs starts by utilizing search engines and online directories. You will be drawn to online databases where you can read therapist individual bios and specialties, gain insight into what their therapeutic practice looks like, see pictures of them and sometimes video introductions, and even read client testimonials to ensure that you will get what you are searching for. Additionally, don’t be afraid to seek recommendations from your support and social network. If someone you know has found great progress and benefits from a certain therapist, it doesn’t hurt for you to reach out and see if you can too! Malaty Therapy offers a secure and nurturing environment tailored for young adults, fostering confidence and enhancing overall well-being through a holistic approach.

Explore Therapeutic Approaches Tailored to Young Adults

While each therapeutic professional tailors their practice to best fit their client’s needs, there are several treatment modalities that work best with the young adult population. These modalities include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and solution focused brief therapy. Throughout these therapeutic practices, you will learn healthy coping skills in relation to your current stressors, how to frame negative thought and behavior patterns that contribute to your symptoms, mindfulness techniques that can help you focus on the present moment instead of being stuck in the past or future where symptoms often come from, and overall guidance on how to collaboratively set goals and achieve them.

Leverage Specialized Young Adult Therapists At Malaty Therapy

At Malaty Therapy, we have several therapists who specialize in serving the young adult population. Within our pool of local, licensed professionals, our area of specialization within the demographic of young adults varies from stress management, vocational guidance, anxiety and depression treatment, family systems work, addictions counseling, trauma-informed therapy and more. No matter what your specific issue is within your mental health struggles, we have a therapist on staff that is ready to help you. In fact, when looking at client testimonials of our young adult clients, most report that they have been able to lessen the severity of their systems, gain a greater sense of self and progress to a greater state of overall wellbeing since beginning the therapeutic process. Meeting with a young adult therapist from Malaty Therapy can be a pivotal step towards nurturing your mental well-being.

Taking the First Step: Initiating Therapy as a Young Adult

Are you ready to start your therapeutic journey? We know that there is still a stigma and certain societal biases surrounding therapy. However, we encourage you to see beyond this and be a part of the population that is normalizing therapeutic intervention. Once you conduct your searches and begin to find therapists that you would potentially like to work with, reach out VIA email or phone. Most therapists will schedule a brief consultation call before your appointment to speak with you about what you are seeking from therapy and allow you to ask questions about how they practice to see if they are a good fit for you. Once you have chosen a therapist and decided to start the process, you have completed the hardest part! Therapists are trained to meet clients where they are at. While some begin therapy with a list of goals that they would like to achieve, it’s okay if you don’t know what that looks like just yet. Therapy is a collaborative effort in which the therapist will work with you to figure out what goals to set and how you can achieve them. You can tell the therapist as little or as much as you feel comfortable with as the therapeutic process begins to develop. YOU are in control of your therapeutic journey. Your young adult therapist is simply the guide. If you are interested in receiving additional support and resources outside of therapy, inform your therapist and they can connect you with support groups and additional resources that can help meet your needs .

Meet With a Young Adult Therapists In Houston

Taking this first step in starting your therapeutic journey is one of the most loving things that you can do for yourself. With the right therapist in combination with your open mindedness, honesty and willingness, even the most severe of mental health-related issues can be lessened and you can be launched into a healthier space of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellbeing. Whether or not you are skeptical of the helpfulness of therapy, we challenge you to try something different and see. Every young adult deserves to feel empowered and resilient and we would be honored to help you get there.

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