Navigating Therapy for Teenagers: Finding the Right Therapist Near You

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How To Find The Right Therapists For Teenagers In Houston

Is your teenager going through a difficult time? Have you noticed any significant changes in your teenager’s mood, behavior, thoughts, or daily functionality? If you have noticed that your teenager has changed the way that they adapt to life’s challenges, then it might be time to think about getting your teenager started with therapy. As a parent, it can be difficult to acknowledge that your child may need to seek professional help. However, in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing society, researching therapists for teenagers is becoming more common than you think! In this blog, we are going to assist you in discovering why Malaty Therapy has expert therapists for teenagers.

Understanding the Needs of Teenagers Seeking Therapy

The teenage years are full of changes that include hormonal changes, adjustment challenges, increased social and academic pressures and responsibilities, shifts in familial relationships and challenges pertaining to their search for their unique sense of self and identity. While some teenagers may seemingly have an easier time adjusting to these challenges and changes, the vast majority of the teenage population struggles greatly to do so. Teenagers who are struggling with these varying challenges may begin to “act out” in certain ways. They may withdraw from their social circles, have erratic shifts in moods, rebel in behavioral manners, lean towards unhealthy coping mechanisms, have heightened episodes of sadness, anger, or frustration, and more. This can be quite a challenge in both social and academic settings and can cause a great increase in friction within the household. While being a pillar of emotional support is important for you to provide for your teenager, seeking the expertise of therapists for teenagers can be just what your teenager needs to begin to make a breakthrough.

Key Qualities to Consider When Searching Therapists for Teenagers

Processing changing emotions during the teenage years can be quite difficult and can often make your teenager feel quite isolated. While they may have a great support network of friends, family members, mentors, and more, it can be difficult to discuss their innermost thoughts and feelings to their loved ones for fear of judgment, disappointment, or lack of understanding. Therapy offers teenagers a safe, secure, and nonjudgmental space that allows your teenager to talk about whatever they are experiencing physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. In addition to providing your teenager this safe space, therapy also offers collaborative guidance for your teenager to develop new coping skills, increase their emotional regulation and intelligence, strengthen their communication skills with others, and plan for a successful future. When you decide that therapy may be the right step for your teenager, how do you go about finding the right therapist for your teenager near your location?

Benefits of Choosing Local Therapists for Teenagers

Malaty Therapy is located right in the heart of Houston and we serve a vast amount of cities and communities within and beyond the city limits. At Malaty Therapy, the majority of our therapists specialize in adolescent and young adult treatment. Our therapists, particularly those specialized as therapists for teenagers, possess a well-rounded realm of specialties that can address the majority of issues your teenager may be experiencing. Our practice is composed of therapists from diverse demographics. Therefore, we will be able to match your teenager with a therapist that aligns best with what they feel most comfortable with. Our licensed therapists are all highly skilled to meet you and your teenager exactly where they are at on their journey, providing a safe, secure, nonjudgmental and supportive space of collaborative exploration. Additionally, our therapists work in both face-to-face and virtual settings. We understand that your family’s schedule may be quite hectic between work, extracurricular activities and commute challenges. Once you begin therapy, you don’t have to pick one and stick with it- you can do in-person when your schedule allows and virtual as needed or vice-versa.

Finding the Right Therapist Near You: Tips and Strategies

When trying to find a therapist that best suits your child’s needs, the first thing to do is ask your child who they would feel most comfortable with. Do they have a preference in age? Gender? Demographic? Once you ask your child what their preferences might be, then you can start the search for the right match. Depending what your teenager’s specific issues are, you will want to find a therapist who specializes in that area. Not all therapists specialize in adolescent treatment, so it is important to align with a therapist that does. Similarly, while adjustment challenges are pretty common amongst therapists, if your child has biggest issues such as trauma or more severe mental health disorders, you will want to find a therapist who’s practice aligns with what your teenager is seeking help for. Once you have this information, where do you turn? Malaty Therapy is here to help with expert therapists for teenagers, you can click here to schedule a free consultation!

Exploring Therapeutic Approaches for Teenagers

Our therapists for teenagers are highly skilled in a diverse plethora of evidence-based intervention and treatment modalities that will best help your teenager. Some of the most-used modalities that our therapists practice when working with teenagers include cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical-behavioral therapy, art and play therapy, EMDR, ART, and more. Our therapists know that every teenager is different and we specialize in aligning our practice in a way that is customized to your teenagers needs and learning styles. Our therapists will work with your teenager to increase their level of emotional regulation and emotional intelligence, add healthy coping skills that can help lower their level of distress in regards to their external and internal stressors, and collaboratively work with your teenager to develop a healthy sense of self. We want our teenagers to have a strong sense of autonomy, resiliency, adaptability, and problem-solving ability. While we emphasize the importance of respecting confidentiality between our therapists and our teenage clients, we understand that as a parent, you may want insight into what is going on with your clients. We ask that you trust our ethical judgment and understand that we will always inform you of any bigger concerns that we may have regarding your child’s safety and wellbeing. Additionally, at Malaty Therapy, we offer family therapy which can assist in strengthening communication within the household during trying times.

Testimonials and Success Stories

At Malaty Therapy, we have served hundreds of teenagers and their families since our foundation. We pride ourselves in the feedback that we receive from our teenage clients and their families about how the therapeutic process at Malaty Therapy has positively impacted their lives. Our clients that that since beginning the therapeutic journey, they have been able to learn new, healthy coping skills, increase their emotional regulation and emotional intelligence, grow in their self esteem, improve their communication skills and foster positive, healthy relationships, and ultimately, feel a greater sense of spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, social and overall wellbeing. Malaty Therapy offers specialized therapists for teenagers, ensuring tailored support for adolescents navigating their unique challenges and we are excited to help your teen with their overall well being.

Taking the Next Steps: Initiating Therapy for Your Teenager

We know that it can feel overwhelming to watch your teenager while they are navigating through this trying time in their lives, especially when it comes with adverse experiences. We believe that therapy is the best step that you can take towards your teenager’s overall well being. We understand that it can be a new area for a lot of individuals, so we encourage you to ask our therapists for teenagers any and all questions that you may have regarding the therapeutic process. Our therapists offer free consultation calls prior to your teenagers first appointment so that you can address any concerns that you may have. We also will work with you to touch base as needed throughout your teenagers therapeutic journey. Additionally, we are happy to provide outside resources such as support groups, academic assistance, or communication with your child’s school counselor if needed.

Houston’s Expert Therapists For Teenagers

We want your teenager to succeed in feeling good spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, or in any area that they are currently struggling. Through our client testimonials, we are proud to say that not only have many teenage clients found great relief and success through the therapeutic process, but as they merge into adulthood, they have an easier time adapting to the challenges that life throws their way. Therapy can set your child up for success in more ways than you can imagine and we encourage you to support them as they dive into this new stage of healing. When searching for therapists for teenagers, we encourage you to take the next step with Malaty Therapy.

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