Allie In Tammer Malaty Office Session

Allie Haydon, LMFT, LPC, LCDC – Therapist in Houston

Compulsive Disorders, Parenting, Life Transitions, Adolescents
Works with: Young Adults, Parents

I graduated from Texas A&M University in December of 2008 with my Bachelor’s degree in English. I taught 7th grade English for one year before realizing that the part of the day I really loved was talking to the kids before and after school about their lives.

I decided to get my LCDC certification and began working in non-profit agencies with young people and their families in recovery.

In addition to helping people with compulsive behavior disorders, I wanted to work with those struggling with relationship issues. So I pursued and received my Master’s degree from Our Lady of the Lake University in December of 2016 for Marriage and Family Therapy.

As a former angry young person, I empathize with feeling disconnected from family, irritable, and lost.  I finally sought help after my mother laid down a tough boundary one night and stuck to her guns. She endured verbal abuse, manipulation, lies, and chaos from me for far too long and had enough. Although I could not understand why she would be so incredibly “harsh” to her daughter that night. I’m now unbelievably grateful that she was strong enough to cut off the escape paths when I was self-destructing.

I find fulfillment today in spending time outside with my husband, step-daughter, our five dogs, and two horses. I indulge my inner teenager with comic books, sci-fi novels, and punk rock music.