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depression counseling in Houston

Understanding Depression Counseling in Houston with Malaty Therapy

If you have found yourself stuck in an emotional haze of numbness, sadness, hopelessness, fatigue, or general irritability, you may be struggling with depression. In the quiet corners of our minds, there is a complex web of emotions that, in difficult seasons of our lives, can often feel overwhelming, paralyzing and unnerving. Depression is a populous mental health disorder that affects a vast majority of society on a daily basis. Depression can make normal, everyday tasks, such as going to work, brushing your teeth, or socializing with your closest friends, seem impossible, daunting, and unenjoyable. Depression can even start placing thoughts in your head about whether or not you even want to see what the future looks like. The tricky thing about depression is that it can affect individuals regardless of age, race, gender, or background. Yet, despite its prevalence, depression remains widely misunderstood and stigmatized. This stigma in society can make reaching out for help seem shameful, embarrassing, and scary, which often leads individuals to struggle in silence with their depression. However, reaching out for help and discussing your battle with depression is anything BUT shameful and embarrassing. In fact, scheduling a session for depression counseling in Houston is one of the bravest and kindest ways to invest in yourself and in your future. In a society where a vast majority still struggle to understand and normalize depression, seeking professional help for your mental health allows you to place yourself in a space where those around you DO understand the day-to-day struggles that depression can bring. While depression has several methods of treatment interventions, professional counseling plays a vital part in lessening depression symptoms and creating a greater sense of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental wellbeing. In the safe, secure, and nonjudgmental therapeutic space, you will be able to explore what depression counseling in Houston looks like for you. Collaboratively work in partnership with your therapist to lessen your symptoms of depression and rebuild your life in a way that is filled with hope, serenity and joy. In a season of your life where you feel all hope is lost and the future does not seem bright, our clinical staff at Malaty Therapy wants to help guide you to see that depression does not have to be the end of your story. In this blog post, we hope to shed light on the intricate nature of depression counseling in Houston, exploring its origins, manifestations, and the toll it takes on those who may currently be struggling with it. We hope to show you how the professional counseling services at Malaty Therapy can help you regain hope and illuminate the path toward understanding, healing, and resilience.

Introduction To Depression Counseling In Houston

Contrary to the societal, stigmatized views about depression, depression is not merely a simple and passing bout of sadness or a feeling of indifference. In reality, depression is a complex and multifaceted mental health disorder that can permeate every aspect of one’s life. Depression can take the form of minimal symptoms or it can take the form of an all-encompassing depressive disorder, such as major depressive disorder, persistent depressive disorder, disruptive mood dysregulation disorder. Similarly, depression can be a symptom of a different category of mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, or substance use disorder. Depression can be situational, chronic, or acute. Regardless of its exact form, depression presents its own set of challenges and nuances for each individual that it affects. The most common symptoms of depression that consistently occur amongst individuals include persistent sadness or emptiness, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, changes in appetite or weight, sleep disturbances, fatigue or loss of energy, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, difficulty concentrating or making decisions, and recurrent thoughts of death or suicide. While depression can first start out minimally and leaves many individuals with the idea that it will eventually pass on its own, early treatment intervention is important as soon as you start to notice the emergence and consistency of multiple of the above symptoms. Early intervention and depression counseling in Houston can help stop depression in its tracks and allow you to address it head on before it becomes a bigger and more unmanageable problem. While depression can manifest differently from person to person, it can also vary in origin. There are certain genetic factors that can leave individuals predisposed to developing a depressive disorder at any point in their lives. However, the vast majority of depressive symptoms derive from external environmental factors and how an individual internally perceives these external factors. Some examples of external factors that can contribute to depressive symptoms include work and academic pressures, social stressors, familial dysfunction, and not having access to meeting Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Internally, based on our learned methods of processing thoughts, our skewed perceptions can also lead to depression.

How Counseling Can Help You Manage Depression In Houston

Professional depression counseling in Houston has acted as a cornerstone of depression treatment since its emergence, providing individuals with a safe and supportive environment to explore their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. While psychiatric medication can address the biological aspects of depression, counseling addresses the underlying psychological and social factors that contribute to the disorder. For example, the therapeutic setting can help an individual collaboratively look at their perception of the external factors that we mentioned above and can work towards developing a new perspective that helps combat the symptoms of depression. By fostering self-awareness, promoting healthy coping mechanisms, and instilling a sense of empowerment, autonomy and resiliency, counseling equips individuals with the tools they need to effectively manage their symptoms and reclaim their lives and gain a greater sense of emotional, spiritual, psychological, mental, physical, social and overall wellbeing. While there are many different treatment modalities and methods of depression counseling in Houston, there are certain modalities that work best when treating individuals with depression.

Types of Counseling Techniques To Help With Depression

These treatment modalities include cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and interpersonal therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy works to help an individual bring awareness to maladaptive thought and behavior patterns while equipping the individual with the coping skills needed to reframe these negative patterns and increase an individual’s ability to react to emotional distress. Psychodynamic therapy works to explore the unconscious processes and unresolved conflicts that can contribute to an individual’s depressive symptoms through unpacking past experiences and gaining insight into how these play a part in an individual’s experiences today. Interpersonal therapy takes a look at an individual’s interpersonal relationships and methods of communication and emphasizes the importance of social support in relation to mental health. Through interpersonal therapy, an individual will learn how to strengthen their relationships and lessen the isolation and loneliness that can contribute to depression. Regardless of which modality of treatment is best for you, counseling as a whole helps individuals collaboratively develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their experiences while gaining insight into the root causes of their depression and learning to navigate life’s challenges with greater resilience and adaptability. Additionally, depression counseling in Houston provides a supportive space for individuals to express their emotions, process trauma, and develop coping strategies, fostering a sense of empowerment and autonomy in their mental health journeys.

Malaty Therapy Is A Beacon of Hope For Depression Counseling in Houston

At Malaty Therapy, our goal is to provide immediate and lasting solutions for any young adult or teen with expert depression counseling in Houston that will help you through the toughest of times. At Malaty Therapy, you can be assured that you or your loved one will receive appropriate treatment with a caring, non-judgmental and professional approach. Our practice is composed of a wide panel of clinicians that specialize in working with varying demographics, mental health issues and counseling modalities. Whatever your counseling preferences are, we have someone on staff that will fit all of your needs. Our clinicians understand that there is no one-size-fits-all method of treatment when it comes to our clients and we pride ourselves on customizing our treatment plans to fit the individual needs of our clients. While our clinicians do have varying specialties, one thing we all have in common is our ability and dedication to treating the highly-populous condition of depression or depressive disorders. At Malaty Therapy, we offer individual depression counseling in Houston, as well as family counseling, couples counseling, and peer support groups. With empathy, respect, and integrity at the forefront of our work, we strive to create a therapeutic environment that is safe, trustworthy, and composed of unconditional positive regard. Our approach as a unit to counseling is holistic and client-centered. Our clinicians consistently engage in continuing education courses, skills workshops, and other methods of psychoeducation to ensure that we are able to give our clients whatever they need to lessen their emotional and mental distress levels and rebuild their lives in a healthier and happier way. In addition to covering all of the varying treatment modalities involved in professional counseling, our staff specializes in more intense methods of treatment including EMDR and ART therapy as well as play-therapy. As a practice, we see clients as early as 6 years old to 99 years old from all socioeconomic, cultural, and demographic backgrounds.

Learn How You Can Begin The Counseling Process at Malaty Therapy

While it can seem overwhelming to begin depression counseling in Houston, we strive to make this an easy process for you and your loved ones. If you or your loved ones have made the courageous decision to begin the therapeutic process and would like to start therapy at Malaty Therapy, we encourage you to call and tell us a little bit about what you are noticing within yourself or your loved ones regarding their mental, physical, social, and behavioral health. Once we have a little bit of insight into where the individual seeking counseling is currently at, we can then work to match you or your loved one to a therapist that best fits their needs. If you or your loved one has demographic preferences (gender, age, etc.) regarding their therapist, please let us know so that we can meet these requirements for you. Once we have matched you or your loved one with a therapist, we offer free consultation calls before your first appointment where you can give the therapists a little bit of insight into what you are hoping to achieve from counseling and where you are currently at in your mental health struggles and ask the specific therapists about their practice or any questions you may have about the therapeutic process. Our therapists meet you or your loved one where you are along your journey.

Appointments For Depression Counseling In Houston

We offer both in-person and virtual appointments and while we recommend weekly appointments when beginning therapy, we are happy to work with you on you and your personal schedule when seeking depression counseling in Houston. Our therapists work to cultivate a safe, nonjudgmental and confidential relationship in which you or your loved one feels comfortable sharing their feelings and stressors. Each of our licensed clinicians specializes in specific treatment modalities over others, so we encourage you and your loved one to explore different modalities to see what might fit their needs best. If you don’t know, then we can assist with this! Once you have had your consultation call and decided to move forward with one of our therapists, the first depression counseling session can seem a little unnerving. However, we ensure you step into the unknown.

Your First Session For Depression Counseling In Houston

The first session is the first step in building the therapeutic alliance with your counselor. In the first session, you can share as little or as much as you feel comfortable with regarding what is bringing you into counseling in the first place. Your therapist may ask you further questions to gain more insight as to how they can best help you, but you will not be pressured to share everything all at once. In the first session, you and your therapist will discuss what you hope to gain from counseling and go over any reservations that you may have regarding the counseling process. From there, the counselor will be able to collaborate with you to set goals for therapy and then sessions will be geared around what steps are necessary to measurably and reasonably achieve your goals. Along the way, regardless of which treatment modality is used in your individual sessions, you will be taught coping skills that can help start to lessen your debilitating and distressing symptoms. As the therapeutic process continues, you will be given collaborative guidance in processing your distressing thoughts, behaviors and emotions in a way that fosters future growth, and adaptability from depression counseling in Houston.

Success Stories Of Depression Counseling In Houston


At Malaty Therapy, we have had the honor and the privilege to work with individuals on all points of the depression scale. We are grateful that our clients have been able to transform their lives, regain hope and a greater sense of self, and rebuild what depression has seemingly taken away from them. We are humbled by the transformation we see from our high-risk clients as they go on to live manageable and joyous lives after beginning and sticking with depression counseling in Houston

Overcome The Barriers of Depression by Seeking Help

Despite the profound impact of depression on individuals’ lives within today’s society, seeking depression counseling in Houston can come with challenges and barriers that hinder access to much-needed support and therapeutic intervention. From the pervasive stigma surrounding mental illness to practical concerns such as financial constraints, at Malaty Therapy, we work with you in addressing your concerns and providing you the best way we can to fit your needs. Confidentiality is of the highest priority at our practice, so even if you aren’t ready to share your mental health struggles with your interpersonal relationships outside of the therapeutic setting, what you say here, stays here. Additionally, we accept all major insurances and have clinicians that operate on a sliding scale to help break through the hindrances that may prevent you from getting help. We are also always ready to provide you with the external resources necessary to help you get accessible and affordable extra support.

Self-Care Strategies for Houstonians Managing Depression


Managing depression and symptoms of depression is no easy task at first, but with minimal additions to your everyday routines, you can start the process in lessening your distressing symptoms. First, take a look at your daily routine and check in with your basic needs to see if they are being met. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating enough? Are your financial needs met? Physical needs? Social needs? This is a great strategy that can help you start to get yourself back on track. Whatever holes you find in these different facets of your daily lives, try to brainstorm how you can fill them. Some examples of this can be integrating daily movement into your life, improving your nutrition and sleep hygiene, and allowing space in your schedule for social interaction with your interpersonal relationships.

Seek Help From Malaty Therapist’s Expert Depression Counselors In Houston

As we have previously stated, depression does not have to be the end of your journey. At Malaty Therapy, we are ready and excited to help you fight your battle with depression. While seeking professional help for your depression can be scary, at Malaty Therapy, we want to make this process as comfortable and seamless as possible. Making that first call can be scary, but once you take that first step, we will handle the rest! Depression is jarring, paralyzing and oftentimes infuriating. However, hope never dies. With the journey of professional depression counseling in Houston, recovery is possible, growth is achievable, and a greater sense of overall wellbeing is well within your reach.

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