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Accessing Counseling for Teens Near Me In Houston, Texas

Is your teenager currently having a hard time adjusting to the challenges that come with adolescence? Have you been noticing sudden emotional and behavioral shifts from your teenager? Now might be the right time to explore counseling for teens in Houston! The adolescence period is entangled with a vast range of external and internal challenges. Adolescence is the stage right before young adulthood and with this stage comes new opportunities for autonomy, social pressures, academic and familial stressors, and a long-winded search for self-identity and purpose. While some teenagers have a seemingly smooth time adapting to the challenges that the adolescence period throws their way, a large majority of teenagers really struggle to meet these challenges head on. If left unaddressed or untreated, the emergence of mental health issues during the adolescence period can snowball and cause further issues to develop during young adulthood. Beginning the therapeutic journey with a licensed professional counselor is the most hands-on and loving intervention that can set your child up for future success. At Malaty Therapy, we take great pride in being able to embark on the therapeutic journey with your teenager. Our experienced staff have worked with children at all stages of adolescence with varying mental health-related issues. What does counseling for teens accomplish? We specialize in helping your teen develop healthy coping skills, foster resilience and adaptability, and improve their overall sense of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social wellbeing. We understand that the teenage years are full of unique challenges that vary between individual teens. The purpose of this blog is to guide parents and teens in accessing counseling services for teens in Houston, Texas. Beginning the therapeutic journey for your teenager is not an easy decision. However, we hope to expand your knowledge of teen mental health-related issues, give you some warning signs to look out for, and explain what the therapeutic process would look like for you and your teenager. We hope to smooth over any reservations or questions that you may have about accessing counseling for teens in your local community of Houston, Texas.

Overview of Malaty Therapy’s Counseling For Teens

Located in the heart of Houston, Texas, Malaty Therapy is a private practice that specializes in providing teens with professional counseling as well as peer and family support. Malaty Therapy was started by Tammer Malaty, licensed professional counselor and counseling supervisor, with the mission to provide immediate and lasting solutions for any young adult or teen with the best Houston therapist that will help you through the toughest of times. At Malaty Therapy, you can be assured that you or your loved one will receive appropriate treatment with a caring, non-judgmental and professional approach. Over the years, Malaty Therapy has had the privilege of providing counseling for teens, we have worked with hundreds of teens and families local to the Houston area in an in-person, virtual, and group setting. Our teens have been able to lessen the severity of their mental health-related symptoms, grow in self-identity and self esteem, foster resilience and adaptability, as well as improving their relationship skills. At Malaty Therapy, our staff of licensed professional counselors are committed to providing compassionate and effective counseling services for teens and families. For our teens and families, at Malaty Therapy, we offer individual, family and group therapy. Therapy sessions can be conducted either in-person or virtually, whichever aligns best with your scheduling and commuting needs. Whichever therapy session type you choose, you will be matched with an individual or family therapist that best matches your teen’s clinical preferences and issues. At Malaty Therapy, we have a wide range of licensed professional counselors that vary in specialties and are ready to assist you and your teenager with any presenting issue. On staff, we have professional counselors that specialize in anxiety and depressive disorders, behavioral problems, adjustment challenges, trauma-related issues, addiction issues, family challenges, and more. While each of our staff members specialize in different treatment modalities, as a practice, we cover the major modalities that best serve teenagers including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, trauma-informed therapeutic interventions, play therapy, solution focused brief therapy, and more. No matter what your teen is struggling with, we have staff members ready to help you and your family navigate through these challenging times. Malaty Therapy has the Houston’s best therapist, you can click the following link to preview our amazing team and find what therapist offer counseling for teens. Click Here

Signs Your Teen Might Benefit From Counseling

As previously stated, the period of adolescence comes with a wide range of struggles including academic and social pressures, uncertainty of self-identity and sense of belonging, hormonal changes, the emergence of new responsibilities and autonomy, familial and peer relationship challenges, and more. These challenges alone can increase a teenager’s level of internal stress, which can result in the emergence of mental health-related issues, depending on your teen’s level of adaptability. Additionally, the adolescent period is when deeper, underlying mental health disorders can commonly begin to emerge. While most mental health disorders are not formally diagnosed until an individual reaches their mid-twenties, they can begin to emerge during the adolescent period and can cause dysregulation and friction within your teenager. When a teen is struggling with mental health-related issues, the most commonly-occurring warning signs include changes in appetite, sleep, mood, and behavior, reliance on maladaptive coping skills, such as alcohol or drugs, social withdrawal, episodes of heightened sadness, anger, and restlessness, changes in academic and extracurricular performance, emergence of physical issues such as fatigue and digestive issues, and erratic or spontaneous choices. It is important that parents of teens remain observant and vigilant to any of the above changes that a teen may start to exhibit. Having an open line of communication allows a teen to ask for help with these issues. In today’s society, there is still a negative stigma towards seeking professional support for mental health-related issues. While society is progressing into normalization of seeking professional help, many teens can feel embarrassed or ashamed to admit that they might need a higher level of care when dealing with these internal and external stressors. However, it is important to remind your teen that there is no shame in seeking professional counseling and beginning the therapeutic journey. In fact, the therapeutic journey is the best intervention that a teen can engage in at the early emergence of any of the above-listed mental health-related symptoms. Asking about counseling for teens is the bravest and most loving thing that a teenager can do for themselves.

Teen Counseling Experience at Malaty Therapy

As previously stated, there are several modalities and therapeutic techniques that are used in the field of professional counseling when working with teenagers. However, regardless of the specific methodology of treatment that a counselor practices with, a counselor’s first priority is to ensure that the therapeutic environment is a safe, secure, confidential and nonjudgmental place where teenagers can explore their vulnerabilities. The idea of confidentiality may raise concerns for parents of teens, as parents want to know and understand the issues that their teenagers may be struggling with. However, in order to truly benefit and grow from the therapeutic process, parents have to allow space for the confidential nature of the therapeutic alliance. In that same breath, it is important to also note that licensed professional counselors have ethical guidelines that they must uphold, including informing the parents if a minor is causing or involved in anything that is harmful or potentially harmful. In other words, we will always inform you of bigger or deeper issues that are present, but allow your teen to have a level of confidentiality with what is shared within a therapy session. Beyond the therapeutic alliance and preservation of the therapeutic environment is how a professional counselor works with your teen. Professional counselors recognize that therapy is not a one-size-fits-all experience. While every therapist has a preferred method of practice, we are ready to tailor our approach to fit the needs of you and your teenager. That being said, the most common treatment methodologies that teen counselors typical use are cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps reframe and redirect negative thought and behavior patterns, dialectical behavioral therapy, which focused on emotional regulation and mindfulness to lessen destructive behaviors, expressive and play therapy, which allows your teenager to creatively process their emotions and experiences, and trauma-informed methodologies that can help your teen if they have experienced a traumatic event or series of events and can help process their emotions to lessen their distress responses. Through whichever therapeutic treatment method that your teen’s counselor uses, they will help guide your teenager to develop healthy coping skills, strengthen their emotional intelligence, improve their communication styles in order to foster healthy relationships, as well as help them build their resilience and adaptability to life’s challenges.

How to Access Counseling for Teens In Houston

If you and your teen have made the decision to begin the therapeutic process, Malaty Therapy strives to provide a seamless entry to professional counseling. If you would like to schedule an appointment for your teenager but do not know where to start, give us a call at Malaty Therapy. We will ask a few brief questions to gain insight into where your teenager is currently at and what their struggles are so that we can help match your teenager to a therapist that best fits their needs. Once a therapist has been selected, our therapists offer free consultation calls prior to your teenager’s first appointment. These calls can be done with you or your teenager and are a baseline introduction to your teenager’s potential therapist. In these calls, you can provide insight into why your teenager is seeking therapy, ask any questions about the therapeutic process, express any reservations that you or your teenager may have about counseling for teens, and detail any specific scheduling, treatment needs or accommodations that your teenager may need. Once the consultation call has been conducted and you and your teen would like to schedule your first session, we will help you figure out how to go about creating a schedule. Most new clients benefit from weekly counseling at the start of professional counseling and then decreasing the frequency of sessions as they enter the “maintenance” stage of the therapeutic process. Additionally, if you feel that your teenager may need or benefit from outside support in-between sessions, we can assist you in providing external resources that fit your teenager’s needs. It is important to involve your teenager in the early stages of the therapeutic process so that they can have some say in their journey. Teens respond best when they have a full understanding of what is going to happen during the therapeutic journey.

How To Chose The Right Counselor for Your Teen

At Malaty Therapy, our staff consists of licensed professional counselors that range in personal demographics and populations most frequently served. If your teen has a preference on the type of counselor that they would feel most comfortable with, our diverse staff has the ability to meet these needs in most capacity. In order to produce a positive result from the counseling process, it is important that teens and counselors are compatible. Remind your teen that if they begin working with a therapist but do not feel a connection, it is perfectly okay to ask to be matched again with a new therapist. While our therapists are all significantly experienced, we understand that not every duo is the perfect match. The ideal teen and counselor relationship should be a positive and supportive one in which the teen is able to open up and explore their struggles in a safe and productive way. Trust and communication are key parts of the counseling process.

Counseling For Teens:
Testimonials and Success Stories

At Malaty Therapy, we have worked with hundreds of teens and their families and we pride ourselves on playing a major role in strengthening the overall spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social wellbeing of our teenage clients. Our teenagers have shared with us the many positive changes that they have experienced since beginning the therapeutic process of professional counseling and their families have also shared the growth they have witnessed within their teenagers.

Malaty Therapy Is Your Expert Resource For Teen Counseling

The period of adolescence is no easy journey. However, if you notice that your child is having a difficult time keeping up with the demands and adjustment challenges that this period sends their way, counseling is the best intervention that can have the longest lasting effects. If you are unsure of whether or not your teen is interested in counseling, we encourage you to open up that door by starting a conversation about the idea of therapy. Encourage your teenager to be open to what the therapeutic process can bring and remind them that their experiences and responses are valid and deserving of care, love and support. The therapeutic process is a vital part in your teenager’s future success and at Malaty Therapy, we would be honored to help you and your teen get started.

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