Rebekah Wallace

Rebekah Wallace LCSW – Therapist in Houston

Trauma / PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Self harming Behaviors.
Works with: Teens and Young Adults

During my teen and early young adult years, I often felt misunderstood and isolated from the world, as though no one would ever truly understand the pain and loss I’d endured. It seemed like my life had no true purpose, and I felt lost without any way out of the tunnel I’d dug for myself. I know firsthand what it’s like to feel as though no one really gets it and to defensively block out people who care rather than ask them for help when things become overwhelming. While it took time and half a dozen stumbles, I ultimately learned what it’s like to finally admit when I need help and to embrace my shadows in order to realize my value and brightness within.

I have a passion for working with individuals and families that feel like they are at their wits end.  The DBT lens that I work from has given me experience in partnering with individuals who have been affected by trauma also. While it can feel defeating to allow an outsider in to help navigate through uncharted territory, I hope you find comfort in knowing that I am not looking to “label” or “judge” you. We are here to figure out what will help you, on your terms. I also place a lot of importance on understanding how your story has been impacted by your relationships. I want the goal for individuals to be cultivating a life worth living. Whether you’re simply in need of a laid-back space to reflect, are trying to recover from past experiences or are finally ready to take the necessary steps to level-up in your life, I hope to connect with you soon!