Rachel Abrman

Rachel M Abrman, MA, LPC – Therapist in Houston & Kingwood

Women’s Issues, LGBTQ, Grief/Loss, Multicultural Differences, Life Transitions
Works with: 17+

I’ve had the opportunity to work with young adults, women, and families who were surrounded or directly involved with various emotional troubles such as loss, trauma, relationships, and family conflict. As I have gained professional understanding of developmental stages, I have focused on the process of healing broken emotional and relational challenges. Some of these very challenges are connected to personal development of an individual. My clients discover what it is they need or want, regardless of level of experience with introspection. Step by step we take the appropriate measures through counseling to achieve your goals.

Counseling can occur through different approaches and practices, and I bring into practice a process-based approach where we can solely focus on your needs in our session. Focusing on the here and now, whether it be your feelings, relationships, skills, emotions or behavior. We will manage developing and achieving goals, taking one step at a time.

There is a time and place for events to surprise us in life. Undergoing such challenges can become difficult and create a lot of worry and unease. Knowing that you are not alone in this situation can be comforting. My approach is about providing the support and guidance which allows you to reach your goals, wants, and desires in life.