Malaty Therapy

Monica Moawde, LPC-Associate – Therapist in Houston

Works with: Individuals 4+
Supervised by: Tammer Malaty License #71535

Monica is an LPC-Associate under the supervision of Tammer Malaty, LPC. She toiled four long years in a pre-medical bachelor’s program as she prepared to apply to PA school in the Boston area. However, God moved her heart and she quickly discovered a new passion for mental health. She obtained a master’s degree from William James College (Newton, MA) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Since 2016, she has held several mental health therapist roles. She interned at Smart From the Start where she created and led child play-therapy groups as well as individual therapy sessions for adults with a history of trauma. She then stumbled upon The Syrian Refugee Project; where she combined her passion with her ability to communicate with and empathize with Middle-Eastern women. There, she created a trauma-focused curriculum and helped the women tailor self-care techniques as they integrated in a new society. Between 2017 and 2020, Monica held two roles working with middle and high school aged children who have suffered significant traumatic experiences. She also gave psychoeducational talks to parents to help them identify and manage their children’s symptomatic behaviors. In her spare time, Monica loves to spend time with her husband and son; and take on home improvement projects.