Daniel Barrios

Daniel Barrios, LMFT-Associate – Therapist in Houston

Supervised by Stacy McCarty-Nash, MS, LMFT-S, Texas License # 202125

Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Men’s Issues
Works with: Adults, Couples

Do you ever feel lost or alone even when surrounded by friends and family? Is there a voice in your head constantly pointing out your flaws and discouraging you from moving forward? Or perhaps you find yourself wondering if you’ve made mistake after mistake and have lost sight of your path. And no matter what you try, it doesn’t make things better. You want to feel close and connected to others, but it feels hard. You wonder if things can be better. They can.

I understand how vulnerable it feels to sit across from a stranger and share your deepest dark secrets. As a man, I’ve always been told emotions equaled weakness, thus never allowing anyone to see the real me for fear of being perceived as a weak man. Through therapy, I realized how much strength and courage it took to embrace my emotions instead of hiding behind a facade. I discovered a strength in feeling vulnerable that allowed me to grow and be proud of the person looking back at me in the mirror.

The environment I seek to create for my clients is non-judgmental, and somewhere they can feel entirely accepted and heard. Together we’ll chase progress, not perfection. It’s encouraged that you ask me questions, as we must have a reciprocal therapeutic connection. Here you will find a confidential, comfortable environment. If you’re thinking about trying therapy or are curious about the process, do not hesitate to reach out. One session truly can make a difference.