Coreen Golan

Coreen Golan, GLC Intern – Therapist in Houston

Self-Esteem, Body Image, Anxiety, Life Transitions
Works with: Families, Teens, Adults

It’s a powerful thing to be given a safe space to share your story with someone. Feeling seen, heard, and understood for ALL of who you are and the unique complexity of your human experiences, with wholehearted support and no judgment. I know how powerful it is because I’ve been there myself – and I believe the power it has is life-altering. When life throws challenging curve balls our way, we are sometimes left feeling lost, hurt and in question of who we are and how to move forward. Therapy is about discovering your authentic self and gaining awareness of any blind spots in your life that could be holding you back from living to your fullest potential. It’s about sitting in moments of discomfort and courageously facing our vulnerability to grow and transform. While the work isn’t always easy, I promise to be by your side and walk with you on your journey towards living the life you want and deserve.

I earned my bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 2016 and am currently finishing my master’s degree at Walden University. I recently moved to Houston from Miami, but grew up in Dallas and am a true Texan at heart. As a first generation American, I understand the value of the role culture plays in our lives and know what it feels like to struggle with the complexity of our identity. My passion for mental health and the field of counseling is seen through the empathetic connections I cultivate with my clients, as well as through the way I live my own life. I can connect with you in the beauty and messiness of humanity because I’m living it all right there with you. Whether it’s feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, stressed from your daily responsibilities, trying to navigate relational conflicts, or the anxiety of figuring out your place in the world, our sessions will be a safe space to explore, challenge, and grow to become your best self and live your best life.

Outside of the therapy room, you’ll likely find me spending my time outdoors with my pups (or any dog that happens to be around me) and with family and friends dearest to me. As a proud foodie, you may also find me indulging in Houston’s finest, most delicious eateries, especially if there’s a chocolatey dessert on the menu.