Mental Health Services for Every Age

Are You An Adult In The Houston Area In Need Of Mental Health Services? Malaty Therapy is here to serve you! 

While childhood and adolescence are notoriously fraught periods of life, adulthood is full to the brim with strife, difficult transitions, interpersonal challenges, and wide arrays of unforeseeable issues. You shouldn’t have to face these trials alone, and you don’t have to.

At Malaty Therapy, our specialists are well versed in crisis intervention, couples therapy, family therapy, or individual treatment for managing stress, treating disorders or processing traumas. Whatever hardship you’re facing, our counselors are ready to receive you and tailor a treatment plan together that serves you best.

Here To Help You Move Forward

Malaty Therapy offers help for:

Adult clients may bring with them disharmony in their personal and work life balance, they may be burning out from maintaining a happy and safe home for children, they may be having interpersonal conflicts or even recovering from divorce. Aging parents, hormonal changes, stressful careers, and the maintenance of meaningful adult friendships may be weighing heavy, and that’s before mentioning any struggles having to do with mental illness or trauma. 

The good news is, the caring team of Malaty Therapy is devoted to helping ease these strains, and give you a place of respite, reassurance, health and guidance.

There is tremendous value in exploring and negotiating life’s greatest challenges with licensed professionals, and our team is dedicated to providing you with the care and attention you deserve at the times you need it most. 

Our counselors at Malaty Therapy have the personal and professional experience, training, insight, multicultural sensitivity, and expertise to not only empathize with you, fully understand what you’re going through, but also help you strategize for the future. 

At Malaty Therapy you will be met with clinical expertise infused with unconditional compassion, no matter what brings you to us, and together, we can start a journey of healing, self-discovery, treatment or actualization at whatever pace you set. 

Give our experts the opportunity to help you achieve inner balance, emotional stability, and instill in you the skills to overcome all and any obstacles you may face. 

Contact us today at (713) 628-3966 in Houston or (281) 624-6571 in Kingwood.

We look forward to helping you achieve balance and happiness.

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