Couples Therapy

Communication and Unity

There is no wrong time to pursue couples therapy; if a relationship or marriage is in good health, couples therapy can help maintain that health, and if a relationship or marriage is suffering with conflict or discord, couples therapy at Malaty Therapy can provide guidance and relief.

Individual therapy is a helpful tool for understanding oneself and achieving higher levels of wellness and awareness, but sometimes what’s needed is couples therapy, which is more about resolving interpersonal conflicts and helping one understand another.

Loving and caring about a person does not guarantee that there will always be perfect communication or understanding, and allowing a professional to observe and mediate conflict can allow everyone involved to feel heard and seen the way we all deserve to be.

In couples therapy, Malaty Therapy counselors can help keep healthy lines of communication open while helping to establish and maintain healthy boundaries in an already successful relationship, or they can provide non-judgmental insight for partners struggling to understand one another.

How Couples Therapy Works

Couples therapy is about enhancing what works, amplifying the best parts of your relationship, sharpening those strengths while also acknowledging weaknesses and putting in the time and effort toward strengthening those deficits to make for a healthier, happier union.

Malaty Therapy counselors are well trained in a variety of approaches and methods, designed to assist patients so that they can realize their highest potentials as a unit, and find deeper, long-lasting satisfaction within their partnerships.

There may be initial hesitations about couples therapy, for fear of judgment or mislabeling interpersonal conflicts as failures – but pursuing couples therapy is not a sign of failure on anyone’s part. Joining couples therapy is more a sign of committing to understanding and loving another person well, with honesty and compassion at the fore.

Couples therapy can be devoted to helping you maintain what’s already working well, or if your relationship is at risk, counselors at Malaty Therapy can help with conflict resolution, or help ‘drifting’ couples reconnect and reestablish intimacy and intrigue in a safe and calm environment.

Malaty Therapy Can Help

Allow us the opportunity to help facilitate growth within your relationship, provide objective and non-judgmental insight so all modes of communication necessary for the survival and quality of your union can be improved upon. 

If you and your partner need a neutral space to establish new goals, plan for the future, heal from the past, express yourselves more openly, improve your interactions, and introduce new problem-solving skills for your future together, look no further.

At Malaty Therapy, you and your partner will always be met with equal understanding, and compassion, and we will provide a nurturing space to curate trust, to better hone listening and communication skills, and bring peace back to your union.

Every relationship, of every kind, reaches times of discord, and unions can threaten to buckle or break when the stress gets to be too much; let us help. You and your partner deserve the chance to be happy and united.

Strengthen your bonds for all that lies ahead.

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One session can make a huge difference.

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