Treating Trauma in Adults

Releasing the Past and Shaping Our Futures

Treating trauma in adults is about recognizing, validating, and understanding how that trauma has affected you, influenced and shaped you, and then allowing you to release that trauma’s influence over you, so that you can return to living fully and gladly in the present.

There are three major types of trauma; acute, chronic, and complex, all of which require specific and different approaches in therapy, all of which are accessible to you at Malaty Therapy

Acute trauma is brought on by a singular traumatic event, while chronic and complex traumas indicate on-going, long-lasting traumatic circumstances, or multiple traumas that fit those descriptors and then overlap. 

Whether your trauma occurred recently and you need a safe place to process what has happened, how to cope, and make plans for the future to reclaim your feelings of safety, or your trauma is in all ways but emotionally in your past, we’re available to help.

Healing From Trauma

Trauma brings a lot of company, in the forms of depression, post-traumatic stress, anxiety or panic disorders, phobias and the like, and all of this is part of the journey to wellness. However your brain copes with your trauma is what has allowed you to survive it, and healing from what’s left over is all about deciding what still serves you, and what doesn’t anymore.

Whether for better or worse, trauma gives us tools and skills suited for our survival, but once the trauma has passed, and we are left with these thought processes and behaviors that served us so well while we were under duress, we may find them maladaptive and ill-suited for the present time.

While they once served you well, these trauma-informed thought processes and behaviors may be more like obstacles now, and we can help you clear those obstacles, and help your mind reintegrate into the present time, where the trauma has passed and you are safe. 

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

Specialists at Malaty Therapy are notably suited to help you unpack, process, and heal from traumas of all kinds, help eliminate what is interfering with your happiness in the present, while still validating and celebrating how it served you in the past, and helping you build the future you want.

While trauma does change us at fundamental levels, sometimes in ways we could never foresee, that does not mean that our traumas define us, and it in no way means that the trauma you suffered will dictate your life, mind, or behaviors forever.

Treating the emotional and mental health consequences of traumatic experiences is not an easy task, but it doesn’t have to be a task undertaken alone. Malaty therapists look forward to giving you a sense of unity and uplifting support while you work through all and anything that’s standing in the way of your best self.

Start the journey of healing from trauma.

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