Depressive Disorders in Adults

Treating the Underlying Causes

While everyone experiences depressed moods at times, and everyone experiences periods of grief or stress, not everyone experiences clinical depression.

A depressed mood can be expected after the end of a significant relationship, a failed attempt at an important opportunity, a job or career coming to a close, or the loss of a loved one. A depressive mood passes, though, and if you are suffering depressive symptoms for an extended period of time, getting a professional diagnosis and treatment plan underway is an investment in your future.

If you’ve been experiencing a significant loss of interest in what normally brings you joy, experiencing sleep disturbances (insomnia, oversleeping, restless sleep, trouble falling or staying asleep), remarkable trouble focusing on or completing tasks (particularly tasks you usually find routine and easy to accomplish), or have had a long stretch of time where you find inspiration and motivation difficult to impossible to access or maintain, you may be experiencing clinical depression.

Depression Isn’t Failure

Depression can be frustrating for adults; people who have achieved independence can find it aggravating or embarrassing to reach out for help, but depression isn’t just a blue mood that’s hard to shake. Untreated, unprocessed depression can have lasting impacts that shouldn’t be minimized or disregarded.

As self-sufficient adults, it’s up to us to enrich our own environments, see to it that our established standards are met, that our living spaces are clean, that our tasks get completed, that all of our own needs are met, but depression can steal from us the capabilities required for taking even basic care of ourselves.

Sometimes depression is moderate, and is an irksome period of prolonged fatigue, disinterest and lethargy, but on the other end of the spectrum of depression are symptoms like an inability to maintain standard hygiene, the loss of motivation to keep your living space clean or organized, or even a dread and lack of motivation so severe that it’s difficult to get out of bed.

Whether your depression is light, moderate, or severe, intervention with a caring specialist can only help. No matter where on the spectrum of depression your symptoms are presenting, they are worth addressing, because the quality of your life matters.

Get The Tools You Need

Malaty Therapy counselors are uniquely equipped to give you the tools and support you need to emerge from this depressive fog, whole and happy again, with preventative measures in place to spot and act on a re-emergence early. 

Our specialists will help you to identify the root causes of your depression, work with you to set and reach healthier standards for yourself, learn new ways of thinking, processing, and speaking to yourself to improve your mental health for the long term.

Our Houston and Kingwood counselors are solution-oriented, and have the knowledge, education, sensitivity and skill sets to make an individualized treatment plan that works for you, to enhance your coping strategies, build sustainable habits to secure the happiness of your future, and help you get back what depression has stolen.

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