Treatment for Chronic, Clinical Anxiety in Adults

Understanding, Addressing and Managing Adult Anxiety

Anxiety disorders can affect any age group, and being an adult with chronic, clinical anxiety can be life-altering for the worse. In our adulthoods, we are handling the most responsibilities we ever have, at the highest the stakes have ever been, and that can be stress-inducing in and of itself. The additional stress of chronic or complex anxiety can be entirely debilitating, but help is available.

Symptoms of clinical anxiety may manifest in adults differently than other age groups, and if this suspended state of anxiety is later onset, meaning you are a person who has never knowingly suffered from a chronic, clinical mental illness before now, you may find yourself at a loss for what to do, how to cope, or how to heal.

Anxiety Can Look Different in Adults

For adults, clinical anxiety is stored very much in the body – anxiety disorders do feature mental aspects such as excessive worrying, struggles with self-esteem, jumbled and/or rapid thoughts, uncharacteristic or rapid mood swings, even hypo-mania, but changing or worsening thought processes may come on gradually, leaving an adult unaware of its progression until it’s too loud to ignore.

The physical manifestations of clinical anxiety in adults look more like sleep disturbances (this can be nightmares, insomnia, trouble falling or staying asleep, restless sleep, excessive fatigue, night terrors, even sleep-walking), sudden and more extreme changes in appetite, inexplicable spells of dizziness and nausea, short, sporadic episodes where breathing is suddenly very difficult, sudden or new tics or twitches, and psychosomatic symptoms of cardiac events.

Adults experiencing anxiety and/or panic attacks for the first time might find themselves at their local emergency room before they ever think to visit a psychologist or counselor, and even think this is a normal experience.

Struggling alone with clinical anxiety as an adult can easily affect your mood, leaving you vulnerable to depression, and depressive symptoms feed symptoms of panic and anxiety, while panic and anxiety do the very same to depression. In no time at all, no matter how well-adjusted and capable an adult you are, you can find yourself in a closed loop of discomfort that’s near impossible to escape on your own.

You’re Not Alone

Malaty Therapy has services available for adults struggling with anxiety; we are glad to be available to you during this difficult chapter, to help you better understand yourself, manage your symptoms, and give you back control of your life.

Clinical anxiety can strip us of our independence, leave us feeling helpless and as though our lives and minds are suddenly out of our control, as if the reins of our own lives and identities have been pulled from our hands. We at Malaty Therapy can help you get that power back into your hands.

Our compassionate counselors are well-educated, and well-trained, eager to encourage you, motivate you, educate you, and help you build the life you want.

Anxiety may have the reigns right now, but you can be proactive.

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One session can make a huge difference.

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